You are the greatest limit to your own success

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Markets, economies and other external powers all have an impact on your business and life and you have very little control over it. How you behave within this changing environment, comes from within. Your mindset, thinking and level of emotional intelligence determine how successful you will navigate the changes these external forces bring. Yet, very few of us spend as much time working on, focusing on and developing our inner selves compared to the amount of time we spend analysing and thinking of that which we cannot control. The only control you have in this situation is your own response and this is where you will find success. You can fix this easily with a few actions and a habit or two.

Stop reading, just reading

Do not just read, pick a subject and read about it for a period of time. Set up a Flip Board or Zite with that category and read 5 articles per day on that topic. For a week or two. That is what I do, 5 categories, and it keeps me sharp and knowledgeable about what I can do when the changes come. See, this does not even involve a book.

Look for challenge and not support

It is human nature to like people that support our views and opinions. I do this differently, I like to surround me with people that disagree with my actions, thoughts and opinions most of the time. It makes me really think through what I do and say. Otherwise, you are just ploughing ahead, thinking you are on the right track. The cool thing about this is that these opposing “forces” have evolved into great friendships and they have retained their resistance to most of what I say. It gives me a better perspective and greater variety in my thinking.

Wake up earlier

I start between 04:00-04:30 every day, 7 days a week and the first hour I ignore mail, browsers and any other form of distraction. I read and research. Some days I do 5 pages, some days 20. It depends on what the subject matter is. The fact is that every day of my life, I grow and expand my thinking. I am fascinated by the link between personal development and business success and that is where my research takes me.

Watch a TED talk before bed

I will only watch a little bit of news in the morning, but not at night. Especially the lure of a news app just before you close your eyes, is not very positive. Instead of opening the news app I like to open my TED app and watch a TED speech. It gives me a new perspective and most of the nights I go to bed inspired and not depressed if I were to read the news.

I hope this helps, because the size of your thinking determines the size of your success at the end of the day. Good luck and happy personal growth.

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