Willem Gous – Creator of indivineurship

Willem GousWillem Gous, entrepreneur and business owner, is the author of indivineur – Opportunity Accelerator: Start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW

He is the creator of the indivineur method – a proven strategy that literally transforms the way business is done while reducing risk and maximising opportunity. But, he did not always have this powerful recipe …

I am a speaker, trainer and author, startup coach, multiple business owner, internet and business model consultant. I help companies and people change their mindsets so that they can achieve more in life, in business and their careers.

Innovation Speaker and Trainer

I speak and train about innovation and startups, specifically innovating startups or current businesses, using my indivineur method. Indivineur is an innovation process focused on self discovery and co-creation. This approach reduces risk, time to market and increases opportunity and chances of success. As an entrepreneur in my own businesses since 1999 I am acutely aware of the pivotal role the individual, the entrepreneur plays, in the success or failure of their business. My talks, training, writing and coaching all reflect a mixture between personal development and the latest innovative startup thinking.

Startup Coaching

As a startup coach, I help people to either start a business or innovate an existing business. As a startup coach I do two things: I help you discover what you truly want in life and how to align that with your business so that the business serves you and your customers. If you are building a business for money while neglecting your own personal needs, you will simply run out of energy and motivation. I like to focus rather on inspiration and get people to understand what really drives them in life and to align that with the business that they are creating. This leads to unlimited energy, focus, drive and inspiration – all factors that your future customers will feel and be drawn to. While building your business, I help you focus on building the business to serve you and your customers while holding you honest and accountable to your business decisions.

Multiple Business Owner

I use business as platform for self exploration and thus I create businesses to explore certain times and interests within my life. What is the difference between a hobby and a business? A business makes money. I would rather do something I am passionate about and make money doing it. What about you?

My businesses do the following:

  • Large scale web design (if your website gets more than half a million visitors)
  • Content creation for websites
  • Entrepreneurial education and training
  • Helping traditional publishing companies monetize their audience and databases more effectively while creating new and fresh revenue streams.

Business Model Consultant

I love using the Business Model Canvas to help people understand and innovate their businesses. I have found that most people, even people who have been studying the use of the Business model canvas for almost a year, do not use it to its full potential. I will help you understand and innovate your business model in a day.

Changing Mindsets. Changing people, changing companies

We all place limits upon ourselves, even if we are a business owner, a manager, CEO or an employee. These limits stem from fears and beliefs we have in our lives and it limits us, our performance and our impact upon this world. When we go to work in our own business or employ, we take ALL those limits with us. It does not matter how big a goal or strategy the company sets, if your fears and beliefs tell you that you cannot do it, then you will never ever reach those goals.
I help people and companies overcome fears, change beliefs and remove limits for optimum performance. I use Firewalking as a metaphor for overcoming our fears and  facilitate the process of firewalking, glasswalking or even arrow breaking to help people shatter limiting belief and be more, live more and have more success.

Quote: “I have a full life and look forward with excitement to what lies ahead, taking action on what I have available to me at that moment.”




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