Willem Gous Innovation Speaker & Keynotes

If you are an event organizer and looking for a speaker on startups and innovation with energy and great knowledge to share look no further than Willem Gous. An energetic and entertaining keynote speaker.

Keynote 1: Creating new business opportunities using what you have now

Economic environments are getting more and more challenging the world over. Local markets are getting more competitive and it is hard to stay ahead of competitors and developing customer needs. These external forces make life in business and for individuals interesting to say the least. Yet, it is within this sea of uncertainty where we aim to find new opportunity, most of the time ignoring the opportunities already available within our current situation. Instead of looking outside, it is time for some introspection.

In this keynote Willem Gous talks about his indivineur approach of finding new business opportunities for businesses as well as individuals. Firstly exploring and developing the opportunities hidden within individuals and employees and then accelerating that into new business opportunities using collaboration and co-creation. Your delegates will walk away new hope and motivation and a bag full of ideas they can go and apply now.

Audience types: Corporates, SMME’s, business and innovation conferences

Type: interactive


Keynote 2: There is no up or down economy: How value shifts from one form to another

In 2008 the housing market collapsed, many property developers and supporting businesses did not survive that collapse. Although people were not buying new houses the need for a home remained. Where the previous need was expressed in the value of a new home it shifted into another market in another form.

In this keynote Wilem Gous talks about how value shifts from one form to another during the year to year economic ebb and flow. In order to survive these economic troughs you have to learn how to spot the shifting of value from one form to another. Pre-2008 the need of a house was expressed in the value of a new home. What has it shifted too now? How can your company spot this shift and exploit the new opportunities? A keynote that is thought provoking and challenges traditional business thinking to spark new opportunities and innovative thinking.
Audience types: Corporates, SMME’s, business and innovation conferences

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