Will I really steal your brilliant business idea?

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Before we continue, let us first sign some legal documentation. Really? This approach might just keep you where you are now, nowhere further with your brilliant business idea. Sentencing yourself to the “once I had this brilliant business idea” retirement club filled with regret and bitterness.

In my early business career, I did the same – asked people to sign a legal document binding them so that they cannot steal my brilliant business idea. To be honest, what an idiot I was, because none of those business ideas ever got anywhere. This fear can be holding you back from doing what you really love in life. Let me explain why …

Loss of the Networking effect

When you have someone sign a legal document binding them not to share your idea with anyone else, you are cutting off their network of contacts that might be the lifeblood your idea needs. No successful business person ever got anywhere by themselves, although rappers with “self made” tattooed on their knuckles will have you think otherwise. People achieve success by working with others. If you bind them by not sharing your idea, you are cutting off the very thing you need to succeed.

Scarcity Mentality

Come on, I am what some doctors would label as the poster child for ADHD. I have a new idea almost every nanosecond. Ideas are not a limited resource and your idea is just one cool idea at this very short moment in time. And you know, the odds are about 99,9999% that someone else also thought about the same idea somewhere in the world. But which one of you is taking action?

A sign of a lonely life

To add to my closing comments in the previous paragraph, if you really still think that nobody else ever thought about your idea, chances are you live in a very small world with a population of one. The world is big and the sea of ideas out there are getting bigger each day. Go for a swim in that sea, get to see how other people also see the world and the ideas they come up with. Yyou might just find someone who can help you take your idea further or find an idea that compliments yours. Then you can be two people working on the idea. More energy, more effort, more gets accomplished.

Will you really take me to court?

The fact that you are trying to pitch an idea says to me you are only starting out and thus have limited funds. Are you really going to spend all your money taking me to court? Also, referring back to my point about your idea probably already being out there, how are you going to prove you were first? Anyway, product life cycles can be as short as 1 to 6 months. Legal action takes much longer. Instead, take action.

Not anyone can copy execution

I can show you how the business model of Apple works, as well as Amazon and other great companies. If the information is widely available, why is everyone not doing what they are doing? I cannot be Apple, I can only be Willem Gous. I only see life in ways of being able to do what I love and how to financially enable that journey. I am serious; I cannot see the world in any other way because that is who I am. And because of that, I will do things my way and only my way. I cannot be anything else.

An alternative way

Access their network

Instead of limiting the person you are talking to by having them sign a restraint, rather ask them if they like the idea, whom you should talk too and if they can introduce you to them.

Share you brilliant business idea from your perspective

When you share the idea, share it from your perspective. People who will support you, want to see how you “live” your idea. They do not support your idea, they support you. If you are trying to be something else and mimic Apple or anyone else, they will not have interest in you. You will see that, if you discuss an idea with me I will always look at ways of creating a system that will remove you from working in it so that you can enjoy executing the idea and working on the idea instead of working in it. That is the magic that gives my ideas uniqueness. I always look for freedom and exploration. What is your unique approach?

Sharing sparks creativity

When you openly share your brilliant business idea with people, they might add some creative ideas and enhancements to your idea. Again, work with people, not alone. It is more fun when you work with people anyway.

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