What are you doing that you are not charging for? Opportunity Accelerator

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Businesses and individuals have loads of missed opportunities hidden within them. We do the same things every day and we only value what is currently generating cash. In business, it is our current product line and regarding individuals, it is what we do for a job every day. What about all the other functions you execute on a daily basis? It might hold lots of value that you are not charging for.

Look at ALL that you do and become an Opportunity Accelerator

For businesses

Although your business only has a limited number of products and services, you have many functions and processes supporting the delivery of these products. Some of the processes and resources you have, as part of your daily business routine, might just be what some other business needs. Providing this as a service to them can unlock new revenue potential for your business.

For individuals

If you are the parent of a teenager, you are an expert in conflict resolution. If you are a drone hobbyist, you have insight and skill into the drone industry which is exploding with opportunity at the moment. These are two simple examples. What other skills do you “simply” employ every day that someone else is charging good money for? That might just be the missed opportunity to making more money or living a passion of yours, or even both.


We get stuck in a rut when we only focus on our one and single product line or individual ability that currently generates cash for us. It can expose us to risk through complacency. I am proposing looking at it as an indivineur, an opportunity accelerator. Value all that you have and what you do, using these skills and resources to find new and exciting revenue generating opportunities.

In my book, indivineur – Opportunity Accelerator | Start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW, I discuss this discovery process of valuing all that you do in business and in life to find new opportunities and to use them to generate new revenues. That is why indivineur is an opportunity accelerator.

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