These 2 questions show that you are not ready to start your own business

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If you ask any of these two questions, please do not start your own business yet, because chances are it will fail.

Indivineur teaches you how to start your own business with little risk, using what you have now. I attend trade show and expo’s to make people aware of this amazing easy step-by-step process of starting your own business. During these shows, I get a lot of questions and find that there are a few specific questions that indicate you are not ready to start your own business yet.

Will you coach me for free?

As a startup coach, I help people through the process of starting or improving their businesses and this forms part of the offering through the indivineur process. It is a one-on-one process and I work with you as an individual to make sure you get the maximum success in the shortest amount of time. Yet, at each show there are a few people that ask to be coached for free. I usually respond by asking why I should. 99% of the time they puff themselves up and answer, “You are building and investing in me, which is a good investment.”

Let’s be honest and frank about this. If you are not prepared to invest in yourself, don’t expect me to invest in you. It shows that you do not believe enough in yourself to commit your hard earned money in your own future. Why expect others to do that for you? That will never ever work.

Start small and do daily investments in yourself. Start off by buying a book and reading and applying it. I always suggest by starting with the indivineur book, because it helps you find the value in yourself that will make you want to invest in yourself. You are an amazing person with lots and lots of value to give to the world. But, I cannot help you bring it out in the world and turn it into a business if you cannot see it yourself. Find your amazing self first. The indivineur book helps you accomplish that.

Can you guarantee this?

Life does not come with a guarantee. In never has and never will. I have been there too – looking for guarantees, because I was not yet prepared to take responsibility for my actions and the results they might bring.

Remember, your life today is the sum total of all your decisions. Not mine. The quicker you start taking responsibility for your actions and the results you get, the better prepared you will be in starting your own business and having success.

It means you will plan, do, learn and adapt. That is critical in making a business a success. If you do not, you will end up blaming the world for your failing business. There is no wrong or right business environment, it is what it is now. Adapting to it and taking responsibility for your actions within that environment makes you someone who sees possibility and success in any business environment. The indivineur book helps you in finding this rhythm of business, where you find opportunity in the ebb and flow of changing economic times.

Take action

The indivineur book, indivineur – Opportunity Accelerator | Start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW, is a short step-by-step process that helps you start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW. You can get it on Amazon. Click here.

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