One idea, two idea, big idea. Collaboration and co-creation

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Collaboration and co-creation does not make an idea less, in fact the idea grows. It is an infinite resource that increases as you share it. Unlike money that gets less and less as you share it. Here are a few steps to get collaboration going to improve, grow and execute ideas that can solve customer problems quickly.

It’s not just about resources

Many people think collaboration and co-creation is just a pooling of resources. Getting together and putting all that we have into a pot. That method leads to exclusion of many people because there will be a lot of overlap between people’s resources. When people see that they overlap, they start feeling competitive and some might even feel like leaving the initiative completely. This can also lead to a heightened sense of competitiveness within a small/local economy. If you are working in a small community in Africa, you cannot afford that because you need all the resources and thinking available.

It is about shaping ideas

When you take everyone’s resources into account, including their experiences, skills and different types of persons, you will realize that many people view the same thing completely differently. Embrace that difference of perspective, because you have to keep individuality in mind. Something only makes sense, is true, within your world. Collaboration brings many truths together to shape a new collective perspective, view and truth of the situation.

It is within this environment that success lies. This approach leads more to a growing of the economy than increasing the competitiveness of the business landscape. It’s not just about finding ways to do things better, but to find things to do that has never been done that will bring new opportunities for business owners and their customers. This is applicable within communities where they use all they have (perspectives, knowledge, experiences and networks) to solve common problems and to fix them through the platform of business.

Through collaboration and co-creation will we be able to uplift Africa and get the needed economic movement on ground level. With the indivineur method I teach first to recognise all the value you hold within yourself and then to use that knowledge and co-creation to take charge of your own economy. Taking collaborative charge of commonly faced problems. Imagine if we could teach this method to a million people in Africa, leading to them to take charge of their own economy … What would this continent look like then?


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