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indivineur workshops

The indivineur book is a great starting point and lots of people take that route, but the indivineur workshops is the actual application of the work in the book.

During the indivineur workshops, we aim to get you to get the most value from your experience and understand the process of building a low risk business very quickly using what you have now.

I want you to build an actual business with possible customers ready and waiting to pay for your product or service right there in the workshop.

It will teach you how to replicate this process in your life and make future business ideas very easy to turn into businesses.

Learn how to start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW in only 4 days.

Build a business during the workshop!

If you want to avoid:

  • Losing your life savings on a bad business idea
  • Having to quit your job to start a business
  • No ideas or solutions to fix the growing gap between your income and expenses

Then you need to attend indivineur workshops.

You will:

  • Build a low risk business during the course
  • Build a business idea only risking what you are prepared to lose
  • Learn how to create multiple business ideas in a matter of hours
  • Learn how to test a business idea for success before risking all your money starting the business
  • Much, much more

You get:

  • 4 days training, spread over two consecutive weekends.
  • This is not a sit and learn only workshop, this is a learn and apply workshop!
  • Build a business as quick as you can without wasting anymore time.
  • During the week: Follow up webinars and homework.
  • Email support

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indivineur Coaching

I have a mission to help passionate people innovate and run their companies run better. I coach business owners as well as individuals wanting to start their own businesses because they care deeply about the same things I care about: making a business success by solving the world’s problems effectively; learning through experiments and guidance; enabling those they work and live with to thrive and to find happiness in the work they do.

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