Indivineur: Teaching people to take charge of your own economy

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We are faced with a global dependence by the masses, a dependence on government and corporates to deliver financial stability and growth for the masses. That will never happen and cannot happen, because government and business is in the same boat as the masses. It is like assuming the crew on a sinking ship will save everyone. They cannot. You have to take charge and be part of this process, take charge to save yourself and your loved ones.

That is what indivineur teaches people Рto take charge of your own economy just like you would have done on that sinking ship. Indivineur helps people to take charge of your own economy by reducing risk to an absolute minimum, creating business ideas that are bigger than themselves through the power of co-creation and offers a platform for them where they can execute and test their co-created business ideas until they have their first paying customers.

You will be dependent on others to look after you and your loved ones as long as you choose not take charge of your own economy. I have been such a person at some point in my life. It was not a good period now that I am thinking back, it was filled with frustration and blame. I was angry because the people I depended on creating the life I wanted did not do what I wanted them to do. It may sounds simple and childish but let me explain this form a different perspective. If you depend on your manager at work to plan your career and success path in life then ask yourself two questions.

Do they know what you need?

Does your manager really know what it is you need and want in life? Remember they are in the same boat as you, also trying to live their life and survive just like you are doing. So do you really really think they know what you want in life? That sounds ridiculous but yet that is what most people do. You know what you need in your life and that why it is important to take charge of your own economy.

Are they really planning your life for you?

Now that you realise that you might be handing the future of your life to someone else ask yourself if they are interested in your life at all. Why would they be? They are busy working and sorting out their lives. So guess what life plan they imprint will upon yours? Their own life plan. You will simply slip into what they are planning and do you think it will fit what you want in life? No!

When you take charge of your own economy it is their to serve your life plan.

The indivineur method, coupled with the indivineur platform, supports the masses to take charge of their own economy. What is holding you back? Take charge of your own economy today and be part of the indivineur revolution.

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