Indivineur – Taking charge of Your Own Economy

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Most people are faced with expenses that are rising faster than their income. It becomes a battle between their OWN ECONOMY vs. THE ECONOMY. Most people are too focused on what is happening or not happening in the greater Economy. By teaching people how to focus on their own economy, The Indivineur program delivers sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges today.

Indivineur is a business start-up development method that teaches individuals to take charge of their own economy by changing their mind sets to create something bigger, together, through the power of co-creation. It enables individuals to understand that their financial freedom does not lie with government, the greater economy or even the big corporates of the world, but instead it lies within, it lies with themselves.

Indivineur is an OPPORTUNITY ACCELERATOR that helps people discover the abundance of opportunity they have in their life, in their environment, in their community. Through the power of co-creation these opportunities can be grown exponentially by building something greater alongside others versus by yourself. These co-created opportunities are tested to identify business viability in a very short period of time, with minimum risk, based on the principle of affordable loss. Through this process the cost of failure is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The economic future of South Africa, Africa, and the World needs serious change. Indivineur is a process that will enable this economic change by growing economies from the ground up. When people are taught to take charge of their own economy, to co-create with others, and to use what is in and around them, they uncover unbelievable opportunities that exist to change their future. When individuals change their economies, they change the larger global economies around them.

The Indivineur team has a goal for 2015 to enable the creation of R100 000 million of new business revenue through the hands of new business owners in South Africa by 31 December 2015. This has already begun through the formation of 2 working operations that were born from the Indivineur process in December 2014. Income earning opportunities have been created for 4 individuals in 9 weeks, with contracts signed to the value of R 255 000. This is the result of a November 2015 Indivineur workshop. The possibilities are endless.

The program grows the pie through CREATION thinking and activity rather than traditional thinking of competing for the same piece of existing pie based upon future projections. The economy, can be dramatically grown through co-creating with people living and working in the same environment to develop multiple opportunities moving away from the thinking that success lie in the ONE big idea. The power of co-creation creates solutions driven by many that are relevant to the situation and circumstances of their own lives and those around them. Financial growth comes through connecting people to ideas, knowledge, opportunity and activity and using indivineurial thinking to change that into revenue generating business.

Ravi Govender, Head of Small Enterprises at Standard Bank’s small business offering says on average about 50% of all start-up businesses in South Africa fail within the first two years. The Indivineur program assists persons to reduce the possibility and costs of failure. Simply, Ideas on their own have no monetary value but rather the value lies in the successful execution of those ideas. The Indivineur program teaches just that. It teaches you to be open to new ideas, to share your ideas with other and to co-create for the benefit of all involved, for the creation of new value, increased value for more than just the person or company with the idea. This small change in mental thinking creates a huge shift from traditional entrepreneurial thinking (I do it on my own, to become self-made) to Indivineurial thinking where I do it alongside others to create more for myself & others, with others.

It is time you start taking charge of your own economy!

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