Indivineur: Opportunity Accelerator not an incubator

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Indivineur is an opportunity accelerator, helping people and businesses discover existing opportunities within their current environment and then accelerating those opportunities. It steers away from the premise that you already have an idea or opportunity at hand. With the indivineur method, you discover and co-create many opportunities, the reason it is called and opportunity accelerator. You accomplish this by involving a diverse group of people, customers and even businesses in the co-creation process. All involved in this process follow the indivineur method and you all become indivineurs. Not everyone will co-create the same opportunities and many opportunities will arise coming from impromptu groups formed by all involved. You choose how many opportunities you want to execute on from the three or more opportunities co-created as part of these groups. In a group, you then execute and test those opportunities to see if they may be commercially viable. Indivineur is the opportunity accelerator opening up business opportunities for the masses.

Having managed my own businesses for 15 years, as well as starting and closing many other business ideas during that time, I realised it is not about THE IDEA. Most of the great ideas I had were only relevant to my needs and me as an individual. When you co-create using the indivineur method, you create something bigger together than you could have done alone.

The indivineur method is an opportunity accelerator creating opportunities that have a shared vision, a shared passion and commitment from the whole group. This is why indivineur involves low risk – it empowers the masses to start their own businesses. EVERYONE can take charge of his or her own economy with the indivineur method the opportunity accelerator.

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