Indivineur empowers the masses to start low risk business ideas

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The masses, including me at one point in time, are fearful of starting their own businesses and taking charge of their own economies because of the high failure rate of new businesses. Currently, the failure rate of new businesses is touted to be 9 out of 10. To be honest, as a dad and husband, that would deter me too. In fact, it makes me ignore trying anything at all and holding on to what I have already created and accumulated in life. Imagine the same situation for a single mom or a small family that suddenly expects the arrival of twins, a student finishing their studies or a business that is in a dying market? What they need are low risk business ideas that they can execute to make more money.

Risk holds us all back, individuals as well as businesses. Nobody likes losing; nobody likes to risk all they have. Most people see starting a business as high riks but indivineur creates low risk business ideas.

The indivineur method helps to reduce risk to an absolute minimum; it creates really low risk business ideas. Some attendees of the indivineur workshops have called it the zero to little risk model, but I do not like to say no risk and rather stick to low risk business ideas. A little risk helps keep us sharp and focused, that is why indivineur the low risk business ideas accelerator.

Low risk business ideas are accomplished in two ways:

Creating low risk business ideas using Co-creation

You not only share in the creation of the business idea in co-creation, you also share the risk. If 5 of you created the business idea, then all 5 of you share in the risk, thus creating low risk, in fact, super low risk.

Low risk by systematically testing the co-created business idea

The indivineur method takes this already super low risk business ideas and reduces it even more by systematically testing the idea for commercial viability before you build, create or start the business. You only build the actual business once you are sure that the business idea is financially sound, low risk and have paying customers.

If you are looking for a low risk way to explore your business ideas as an individual, a community, or even a small business, you should try the indivineur method. Indivineur aims to create opportunities by helping people and businesses create low risk business ideas.

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