Imagine engaged employees who co-create solutions with customers

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NO, we don’t do that! Have you ever gotten the same response from companies you have a long relationship with? You were asking for help and they missed an opportunity to help you and make money. You can educate your employees to listen and possibly co-create a solution and a new revenue stream.

Why customers ask for your help

Customers will ask you for a specific product or service even though it is outside of your normal offering because they have a relationship with you and they think you can help them. They trust you enough to talk to you to see if you can help them solve a new problem in their life with a different product or service. And what do we do? We avoid them. We refer them to someone else. We avoid this strange and uncomfortable question.

Missed opportunity

You are missing a serious opportunity for new revenue streams, it might just be the new service you have always been looking for to save your company. Imagine a situation where you had employees that are engaged, instead of not knowing what to do in this situation, collaborating and co-creating with the customer. Asking questions to get into their world. Gaining a deeper understanding why the customers are experiencing this and why they are specifically asking for a solution from your company. Even spending 30 minutes to an hour on the phone talking to the client.

By teaching your employees how to listen, collaborate and co-create a solution with the customer will lead to more engaged employees and new opportunities. Remember that your employees have a better and deeper understanding of all the resources your business has and how it could solve new problems customers are facing. Teach your employees how to co-create and uncover new engaged employees and new business opportunities.

In my book, indivineur – Opportunity Accelerator | Start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW, I discuss this co-creation process in detail. Get a copy today and start to co-create with your suppliers.

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