How will you reduce your credit card debt? Debt action or inaction?

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Are you fighting an income versus expense war? If you look at your credit card debt – are you winning or losing? From what I can see, most people are losing that battle slowly but surely. 18% of Americans expect to die in debt. What are you going to do to bring your credit card debt under control and get your head above water again?

This middle class is disappearing and so do those comfy middle class incomes. I discovered this article about 5 Charts That Show How the Middle Class Is Disappearing and it is scary.

So, to think that your middle class life will one day save you from rising credit card debt is a myth and a lie you tell yourself so that you can sleep at night.

What you are doing, is placing your future and the future of your loved ones in the hands of others. That is dangerous, because you do not have control over what they do and secondly, do you really think they are thinking of you when they plan? No they are not!

Reduce your credit card debt: Take Charge of Your Own Economy

The only economy you have control over is your own. You have no control over the bigger economy, government or market shifts. Those influences represent the environment in which you have to make a living. You cannot change that, it is your reality. It is my reality too.

However, I have chosen to take charge of my own economy. I find new ways of generating income on a daily basis and if one idea does not work, I simply co-create another idea and start working on that. I control my future with the decisions that I make today.

You can do the same. Follow the indivineur method and learn how to take charge of your own economy.

Three steps to discovering opportunity and reduce credit card debt:

  • What you know – What you know that can help you create an income.
  • What you have – What you have to use to help create an income.
  • Who you know – Who you know that can help you create an income.

These step are simple, but trust me, most people I meet never think of this. They turn to outsiders for solutions. You have all the solutions within you – simply discover them and apply them using the indivineur method.

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