How my near death experience blasted me into action

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How many times have you read a book, taken a course, got a consultant or coach in or even planned a project to make major changes to your business or your life and never followed through with action? I have done this many times in my own life and business. Being a startup coach and trainer I see this happening a lot when people are motivated, but a week after the event they still have not done anything different. I found a way to counteract this inaction: A near death experience.

I attended Dr. John Demartini’s Prophecy I experience last week and let me tell you – it is amazing and overwhelming at the same time. You spend 7 days, 14 hours each day, working on the 7 areas of life. I take my hat off to Dr. Demartini for energetically presenting for 14 hours a day. On the last day, I left 3 hours early, because I missed my wife and children. I got home and told my family that I am taking them out to dinner. We sat down, ordered and got our food.

Not long into my meal, I felt something getting stuck in my throat. I tried breathing and very little happened. I tried swallowing, coughing, but nothing worked. I looked in panic to my wife and daughter who did not know what to do. I was choking! Having done my rescue diving certification more than 6 years ago, I knew this is something simple people actually die of. But I could not remember what to do either.

I was overwhelmed by a sea of thoughts. I just spent 7 days planning my life, realising what I want to do everyday and now I am going to die (the universe DOES have a sense of humor). I felt a surge of panic wash over me as I realised I still have SO MUCH I want to do and change in this world.

With the little breath left in my lungs I got up, turned to the other people in the restaurant and said, “I am choking! Help me!” People rushed to my aid and all turned out well, I am happy to say. I did not get the name of the couple who helped me, but thank you so much.

That event made me realise how quick and fragile life really is. I could die tomorrow and if I do not take the actions to bring the changes I want to see in this world today, my legacy and dream would die with me. I now look back at that moment with happiness and gratitude, because it helped me understand that learning without action will lead to nothing. Planning without action makes no difference in this world. I have my plan, I have my vision, I have my purpose, and now I am taking action on it instead of just thinking and talking about it. I will bring financial freedom to billions of people through my indivineur method of taking charge of your own economy. I will show people that they can start businesses together through the power of co-creation and the application of indivineurial thinking.

Have you done a course, planned projects or read books in the hope of changing something and you never did make those changes? If so, what can you do today to bring those changes about? What action can you start to make sure that changes you want for yourself and those around you will become a reality?

Take action now!

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