How to start over with success in 2016 1 Day Workshop

19th January 2016 to 19th January 2016 08:30 AM - 17:30 PM

Can you control the larger economy? Can you control the government and how their decisions impact your life? Can you control how corporate decisions impact your life?
Learn how to create new opportunity and prosperity using what you have. In 1 day.

Don’t you think it is time to change your life?

In this 1 day workshop you learn how to make the changes within your life that you need to make and quickly:

  • A simple and proven Step-by-step process
  • A method to create and build what you need too QUICKLY
  • Help and support through our community
  • How to create the changes you want in your life using the platform of business

Willem Gous“I created a $10,000 USD company in 14 days”

Willem has started,owned and operated a number of businesses over the past 15 years. During that time he had great successes and challenges. In fact, as fate would have it, he nearly lost all he had worked for when he was in the process of completing his master’s degree in Information Systems Management and developing the indivineur method.

A major client wanted to cancel a 10 year relationship due to internal restructuring and Willem had to find a way to replace the lost income within 30 days. No small feat. He could either sink or swim … Willem chose to swim. He addressed his fears, applied the indivineur method which he developed over a period of 8 month and spending more than 600 hours researching it. It was time to test his thinking around indivineurship out in the field and see if it will deliver as he thought it would, with great success with little risk.

Over a short period of 14 days he created a new business using the indivineur method and got orders from customers amounting to more than $10,000 with a possibility of much more business to come.

Willem Gous – Presenter of the 1 day workshop

Discover ALL the opportunity you already have available to you

Do you have nothing to start a business and make a change in your life? That is a lie. I will show you how much opportunity you really have and how you can use all of that to start a new business TODAY.

Learn how to reduce risk like never before

Do you like risk? I don’t and I reduce it as much as possible in my businesses and so can you. I only risk what I actually have and what I am prepared to loose. Risk NO more than what you have. Build a new business TODAY using what you have NOW!

Learn how to create new business ideas quickly and start that day

Have you ever had a business idea? Do you still have it after so many weeks, months and years? Learn how to create new business ideas quickly and easily and how to start them just as quickly. It is time that you stop dreaming and start doing and living the life you wish for and deserve.?

Learn how to get customers quick and get paid

Learn how to get paid quickly, find customers that will pay you and support you as you build and create this new direction in your life using the platform of business.

Help & Support

The value does not end at the end of the 1 day workshop. You gain access to a community of support and online tools to help you continue and to create the success you need now.

Practical, hands-on, applicable immediately

This 1 day workshop is practical, hands-on and will give you the tools you and processes that you can apply immediately. Use this thinking and method after the workshop to continue the success and your chances of making the change you need so desperately.

Secret bonuses

At the workshop you will receive secret bonuses that you can use to accellerate your success.

What are you waiting for? Nobody will give you the new life you need and want. You have to go and get it. Exactly what the workshop will teach you.

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