Entrepreneur: No more! We need something better

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Everyone is on the entrepreneurial development bandwagon trying to “fix” economic issues by getting people to start businesses at high risk to make something of themselves economically. I am of the opinion that traditional entrepreneurial thinking should come to an end. We should think differently about starting businesses and creating a better economy so that it is also accessible to the masses – I have a solution.

My issues with traditional entrepreneurial thinking

#1. It creates the wrong type of relationships in business

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 15 years. I am an independent, supported by dependents. My relationship with my employees, consultants and suppliers is transactional. It is based on the flow of money; money stops flowing, the relationship ends. This means one person, me, is carrying all the risk. It means the others in my support chain have little or no creative input in the business. This type of business relationship means I have to have lots of money to start a business, which I think is the wrong approach.

With my indivineur method I change relationships from transactional to co-creational. Now we all share in the business idea. We have a shared vision, shared passion and a shared goal. We also share in the risk that scares most people. With many creating the business idea, I, as individual, do not need a lot of cash to start a business.

#2. It is based on ideas and outcomes

Most entrepreneurs chase a financial end goal. “If we reach this, then we will have made $xx million!” That outcome is harly ever realised, the goal gets smaller and we end up failing 9 out of 10 times. Because we focus so much on the end goal, we tend to risk more of the current resources we have than what we can afford. Too risky for me thanks!

The indivineur process is different, because you only risk what you are prepared to lose within the constraints of your current environment.

General entrepreneurial thinking is still based upon “THE IDEA”. Let me tell you, ideas are cheap, in abundance and a cheap commodity. The difficult part is execution, but then most entrepreneurs try to do this alone. They are supported by startup boot camps, incubators and what not, burning a lot of cash chasing a single idea.

The indivineur method is different, in that it creates many ideas that are low risk, simple to execute and easy to do. Coupled with the fact that you share that risk with others, indivineur will at last open up the floodgates for the masses to take charge of their own economy and build the needed structures for them to make their own money and not having to look to government or the corporates for their financial solutions.

#3. Not applicable to the masses

It is touted everywhere that 9 out of 10 startups will fail. That is sad, especially if you clung to your 1 and only entrepreneurial idea and then lost your shirt and house in the process. With that type of thinking and approach, it is clear why the masses WILL NOT take charge of their own economy. Why would I, a father and husband, risk my house and financial security to chase 1 single idea? Crazy!

The indivineur method makes it easy and simple for everyone to create more ideas, execute many of them simultaneously with little risk, within the constraints of their current environment, providing solutions that are relevant to their environment and reality.


It is time that we, the masses, the people of this world, start taking charge of our own economy. I agree, traditional business creation thinking made this really risky for us all. But, that has come to and end. Indivineur is here to help and teach the masses how to create their own economy and take charge of their financial stability and security.

Indivineur is applicable to a village in Africa, a community, a small business and even big corporate business units. Now is the time to change things.

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