Enabling a wave of social entrepreneurs to help Africa rise

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Africa has major potential, but is hampered in many ways by the slow trickle down effect of big political and economic decisions. We need a bottom up approach, instead of a top down approach. We need to empower individuals and communities to unlock their own potential to solve their own challenges through collaboration, co-creation and using the platform of business to bring it to life. We can change Africa from the ground up when we empower social entrepreneurs using the indivineur method, because it empowers the individual, as well as the community.

You already have what you need

I found that most people are under the illusion that they have nothing to start a business with. I realised this as a startup coach. People see money as the only resource they need to get going as social entrepreneurs. That is an illusion. You can kick off as a social entrepreneur using the resources you already have available to you and they are not necessarily money based. You have your mobile phone, your home, your car, your Internet connection … and I can go on and on with this list. So, first take stock of what you have before saying you cannot start. The indivineur method teaches you how to do this discovery process so that you have a complete view of your available resources to start up as a social entrepreneur.
The best way to taking stock using the 4 questions every indivineur should ask:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you have?
  3. What do you know?
  4. Who do you know?


You will be amazed at how much you really have to start a business with. The perfect starting point for a social entrepreneur.

Don’t do it alone. Collaborate and co-create

I will never start a business alone (again) and I suggest you avoid it too. It creates a few issues.

It leads to tunnel vision, because you only have your own input and perspective. Most of the time this leads us to only see our solution and nothing else, exposing you to serious risk.

You take all the risk. When you are alone in a venture, you carry the whole burden of risk. I have a family, I do not like risk too much.

You are a limited resource. You will eventually run out of steam. Ask yourself, how many burnt out, tired, overworked entrepreneurs do you know? Rather focus on collaboration and co-creation. Bringing resources and ideas together exponentially grows that effort into something much bigger. The indivineur method teaches you how to co-create and collaborate to address common problems that a community might face.

When you co-create and collaborate, you have a shared vision, a shared buy-in and also a shared risk. You have multiple viewpoints to help you avoid the pitfall of falling in love with your own idea.

When it all comes together

When you get together with other people who have discovered what they have available to make a change within their own world as social entrepreneurs and you combine all of that to collaborate and co-create solutions to common problems within the community, you empower social entrepreneurs, change the world and grow the local economy. You are helping Africa rise!

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