Destructive creation: The birthplace of creative business ideas

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It is not a question of if, but of when. Financial trouble will come, failure will raise its ugly head and tough times will come. It is inevitable, trust me – I have owned many businesses over 15 years. But, it is not all doom and gloom; this is the birthplace of creative business ideas. So, rather than trying to see how this is hampering your business growth, view it as something that will accelerate your business growth in the long run.

Status quo graveyard

The status quo has its advantages – stable income and revenues, predictable markets, all the nice things that adds food and wine to the table. However, it is also the graveyard of creativity. Little innovation, creation and creativity happen when you are in a comfortable zone. You have no need to change, why fix something that is not broken?

The birthplace of creative business ideas

Then the destruction of that comfortable zone arrives to the horror of most business owners. They bemoan it and try to avoid it and do their best to keep the status quo. However, instead of viewing this as a negative, in your way, instead see it as a positive, on your way. When you see it as on your way, you will see the growth, learnings and possibilities within the chaos. This is why I call it creative destruction, because it breaks down your current business thinking and helps you create new, creative business ideas. And to access it, all you have to do is make a mindset shift. One from this is in my way, to how is this on my way?

I have navigated this many times within my business life and the quicker I make the mindset shift, the quicker the chaos turns into a business blessing instead.

Ask yourself, what are you going through that you are bemoaning instead of praising? How is it creating new, creative business ideas and opportunities? You might start off by saying nothing, but as you break down the resistance and blindness, you will start to see the opportunities hidden within the chaos.

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