Collaboration: Your next product may be hiding in your employees

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How do you find new products to offer your clients? Do you use market research, consultants or even buy data? Your employees are closest to your customers. Collaborate with your employees using ALL the skills and experience they have in order to co-create new products to serve your customers better.

Collaboration outside of the employee job description

You hired your employees for a specific set of skills; you support and try to develop those skills to best serve the business in the long run. However, what about the skills that you are not paying them for? The skills they use in their family time, hobbies and other interests?

4 Questions to start collaboration

I use the following 4 questions to help individuals and employees discover all that they have that can provide value to customers.

  • What type of person are they?
  • What do they know?
  • What do they have?
  • Who do they know?

This is a good starting point for collaboration with your employees to better serve customer needs. You will become aware of the total person you employed and how all that they are can help you to better serve changing customer needs and discover new revenue opportunities.

Collaboration or what else?

You can avoid this process of collaboration, but what are your options then? You will have to buy resources and advice. Collaboration with your employees to create new solutions for changing customer needs will make you use the resources you already have more efficiently. This reduces risk, brings down costs and also improves the relationship with your employees.

This is what the indivineur process does for businesses. It helps you discover all that your employees have and shows them how to use all that they have to better serve customers and find new products and services to serve those customer needs through the business.

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