Collaborating and sharing ideas increase value and potential

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Indivineurship helps people discover all that they have and then collaborating with other, customers and suppliers to create new solutions to current business problems. Except, a lot of people think that when you are collaborating, you are reducing the value and potential of the idea. That is simply not true.

Sharing ideas versus sharing money

When I share my $100 note with someone else, we will each end up with $50. Unfortunately that is how most people see the process of collaborating too. They think when you share ideas and possibilities, it gets cut in half as with the money example and reduces the value and potential.

When I share an idea, we both end up with an idea. We did not split the idea, but shared the idea and it remained whole, but now there are two. You and me. The idea will be influenced by your experiences, skills and personality. This influence changes and enhances the value and potential, because if the idea holds value within your world too, it shows that the idea is applicable to a wider market and not just your own world.

Collaborating helps to validate potential

Most entrepreneurs are stuck in the dream world of the brilliance of their own business ideas. They work on those ideas alone and never ever tell anyone about it. They then risk their house and financial security to bring this idea to life through a business. Only then to realize that it has no value to other people (customers) and only made sense within their own world. Collaborating helps you reduce this risk by making sure the idea holds potential outside of your life and world. More people that validate the potential of the idea within their own lives mean more opportunity and potential. Collaboration gives you added perspective and feedback that you do not get on your own. As someone who has owned many businesses over the past 15 years I wish I had collaborated. In many businesses I was comepletely living and working in my own dream which led to failure. I was stuck in my own perspective and belief in what I was doing. I also had limited resources that usually run out very soon, but through collaboration I could have had access to more resources and maybe have survived or even thrived in some instances.

In the indivineur book, workshop and startup coaching I teach people and businesses how collaborating can reduce risk and increase business opportunities.

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