Business and life. They both serve each other and both should be planned

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Working with people in my coaching, workshops and just general networking, I find it interesting that most of us have a plan to build our businesses and/or careers. Yet, very few, when asked what do YOU want, can actually give you an answer. They are dumb struck at first and then some will answer “I want money.” The exploration of what they want ends there. They must be thinking that once you have cash, life will be sorted. Which it will not. Experience taught me this.

Let’s reverse that question

Try asking people what they don’t want and you might end up listening to them for 30 minutes or more and possibly in a very depressing and negative way. It seems we are acutely aware of what we do not want in our lives and yet have no clue or maybe a very vague idea of what it might look like.

A reciprocal relationship

Business is there to serve life. Business is the platform through which life generates cash in order to enable us to do the things that are important to us. If you cannot see how your business or career is serving what you really want in life, you might experience low energy, low motivation and even little job satisfaction. When business serves what you want in life, you will experience energy, motivation and focus. It benefits business and life.

A grand life is something you make, not get

This is an easy step-by-step process to help plan what you want in life and aligning what you do in business with it. The perfect to aligning business and life. There are many facets/areas of life and you have to be clear on what you want out of each area. Not just money. I give an example of what I want in each of the 7 areas.

  1. Spiritual

Do you want to leave a legacy? What will it be? I want to empower people, communities, countries and the world to live their biggest passions in life through the platform of business.

  1. Mental

What do you want in mental development? How do you see yourself thinking and acting differently than you are today? I want to have mind-expanding conversations over lunch and dinner with the world’s greatest thinkers and leaders.

  1. Vocational

What do you want your career to look like? I want to be an advisor to world leaders in business, government and philanthropy.

  1. Familial

What will your family get out of this grand life that you are planning? I want my family to see the world as their home, not just a single country. I want them to be world influencers.

  1. Financial

What do you want your finances to look like? I want my finances to support a grand life of growth, expansion and travel.

  1. Social

What do you want your social life to look like? I want my family and me to be friends with the world’s greatest leaders and their families.

  1. Physical

You cannot have success without good health. A friend of mine, Celynn Erasmus does amazing work in corporates, where she speaks about managing energy and fatigue levels. I want energy and to maintain a weight that will make me look good in my clothes.

Take action

Taking action on such a simple plan, you will eventually find more satisfaction in life and reach something that is more meaningful.



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