Awaken Your Inner Entrepreneur 1 Day Workshop Hobby X

From Hobby Maker to Money Maker

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Special 1 Day Workshop to help you discover new business opportunities you can take action on now, using what you have, when you discover your inner entrepreneur.


From Hobby Maker to Money Maker

This workshop forms part of the “From Hobby Maker to Money Maker” series presented by Hobby X and Hint Business Community. Discover your inner entrepreneur through your hobby.

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Do you want to turn a hobby into a business?

Stuck in a rut not knowing how your future will look like?

Your business running out of growth ideas?

Under pressure in corporate to deliver new business ideas?

Looking for fresh ideas that you can turn into business opportunities quickly and risk very little?


You have been practicing your hobby for years and have been dreaming for just as long of turning it into a business so that you can end up doing it the whole day, every day. Even if you have changed your hobby into a business, you can still attend the workshop and find new ways to find new customers and new ways to do business.

But you don’t know how to find those new business ideas.
Come and discover loads of new business opportunities hidden within your abilities, current situation and available resources. Attend the workshop and learn how to:[/text_block]

Create new business opportunities using what you have now

[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]during the workshop you’ll learn

  1. What really drives you in life and how to use that as a launchpad for business
  2. Why you are the fountain of new business opportunities
  3. How you limit your own success and how to overcome that
  4. How to discover hidden business opportunities within yourself, your environment and your network.
  5. How to explosively multiply those new business opportunities
  6. How to reduce risks to the minimum when starting new business opportunities
  7. How to reduce the time it takes to see if new business opportunities has money making potential
  8. How to reduce the amount of money you need to invest in starting new business opportunities
  9. How to find paying customers fast
  10. How to use what you have now to start your new business opportunities

A practical and hands-on workshop. You will leave the workshop with a lot of the ground work already done so that you can simply go out and apply your new knowledge for maximum success.

You can only gain by attending this valuable workshop

This workshop has the ability to help you completely change your life for the better, doing what you love while making money doing it.[/text_block]

FREE Bonus

Free Goal Setting and Life Planning Online Course included

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Valued at R750

Included in this 1 day practical workshop is a FREE online Goal setting and Life planning course to help you find:

  • What you really want in life
  • The secrets to what really drives your passions and what you want in life
  • How to set goals that are congruent with your drives and passions
  • How to set goals for each area of your life for maximum success
  • A PDF workbook

This is exactly what I use to set and reach my goals in life and it works. Why not try it yourself?
You will be given access to this online course once you have fully paid for the 1 day workshop.[/text_block]

All of this for only


Book now – Limited Space



  • Saturday, 16th April – Randburg South Africa
  • From 08:30
  • Until 18:00
  • Coffee, tea, water & snacks included

Presented by Willem Gous

Author, StartUp coach, innovator, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and business owner Willem Gous is the creator of the indivineur method – a proven strategy that literally transforms the way business is done, while reducing risk and maximising opportunity.

Willem attained his Masters degree ISM (Applying various innovation methodologies within existing companies) at the University of Liverpool. His passionate search for knowledge, love of learning and self-development affords Willem to offer clients fresh perspectives and an environment where they can work together in order to find solutions to problems. He helps his clients discover, innovate and grow from their Plan A to a plan that actually works. Teaching clients to overcome fears, limiting beliefs and biases, Willem shows founders that their business is a platform for self-development and self-exploration and that the biggest limit to their success is their own thinking. Applying this methodology, Willem has achieved monumental success in leading his clients to attain the success they so rightly deserve.

Quote:“I have a full life and look forward with excitement to what lies ahead, taking action on what I have available to me at that moment.”

This is what people got from a 1 hour webinar about the work you will do in the workshop. Imagine what you will get from a full day workshop?

“I really enjoyed the webinar and thought his approach was very inspiring. He simplified complex business ideas, which I thought refreshing”

“I really enjoyed the Webinar yesterday. The presenter made everything sound so easy and achievable. I will definitely follow his suggestions. His methods seem like a win-win.”

“Thank you very much for actually bringing the topic to my interest; it was one of those inspirational one-hour moments, when I could pause and look at my life from a different perspective.”

“The seminar provides an insight into the field of business, especially to those who has an unclear strategy that would like to unleash their potential in the area of entrepreneurship.”

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