Avoiding a major pitfall in starting your own business

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I have been running my own businesses for more than 15 years and to be honest, it has not always been the easiest of journeys. I have made mistakes, but also made many good decisions.

There is one thing that stands out when I think back to my years of running my businesses and that is knowing what I want and what role the business plays in that formula.This is key to know before starting your own business.

What do you want?

In asking this question to people, I found that 99% of them have nothing or very little to say. Most respondents answered, “money!” and then stop there.

But, asking them what they DO NOT want, they talk for almost an hour. Isn’t it amazing how much energy we spend on the things that we do not want, but so little energy on the things we really want?

Here is a tip that will help you in the journey of starting a new business: Know what you want. What do you want for yourself, for your partner, for your children and for you as a family? Remember, your life includes your loved ones and whatever you work towards will influence them, so you better take them into account.

I am clear on what I want in life:

  • Be an international speaker
  • Be an advisor to world leaders in government, business and philanthropy
  • Let my family and I see the world as our home and not a single country
  • Have mind-expanding conversations with people around the world over lunch and dinner
  • Explore the world’s riches in culture, natural beauty and thinking with my children.

As you can see, I have clear things I am working towards. Also note that I did not mention money once. However, you know and I know such a life will not come cheap, but the money will come as a result of me being this person. You become, then you get. Not get and then become. Look at broke lottery winners, they became rich without a wealth mentality and thus they lost all their money. If they had a wealth mentality, they would have grown the money into something bigger.

Be clear what you want and the rest will be much easier. So, what do you want? Go and have fun with this it will change your life forever and please do it before starting your own business.



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