Are you the elephant in the room?

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Life is really uncomfortable when there is an elephant in the room. It creates stress, silences and in many instances it leads to lies. We would rather sidestep the truth than face it. What if you are that elephant in room?

What if you are the elephant in your own life?

I have been there! I was the elephant in my own life. I did not want to talk about it or face it. It wasn’t a beautiful time in my life and it did last for many, many years. I knew my life wasn’t working and the evidence was all around me.

I was losing money in my business, but I kept telling people I was making money. I just could not face myself and get myself to admit that I had failed. I did that for 8 years; I lost more than $250,000 over that period of time. That was a lot of money, but I kept ignoring the signs. I mean, have you thought about the level of lies I had to tell myself to hide $250,000?

I was always grumpy and snappy. Thinking back to the relationships I had then, I find it amazing that they even lasted for as long as they did. I must not have been a nice person to live with because deep down we know the truth and it causes stress within us when we cover it up in lies.

Take charge of that elephant and get unstuck

Looking back to that time it was not easy, but I want you to try the following and see if you have created some elephants that you have to deal with in your life.

Write down your income and expenses

Make a list of all your income and expenses and see where you are losing money. Judge to see if this financial path that you are on will run out of steam (too little income) eventually. You will notice that you are running out of steam if you notice that your expenses are growing faster than your income.

What will your life look like in a year? In 10 years?

Sit and think about what your life will look like a year from now. Will it be the same? If so, are you happy with that? How will your life look in 10 years from now? If you are 30 now, that means you will be 40 and you have to decide if you are happy with what your life will look like in 10 years. If you have some wild dreams you want to accomplish during those 10 years, refer to point 1 where you write down your income and expenses and see if your income can and will support the life you really want.

Where is your career going? Where is your business going?

Where do you want to go with your career – have you ever thought about it? What is it you want from work and are you getting it now? Will you be getting it 10 years from now? The same goes for your business if you are a business owner. If you hate your job or your business, what are you doing about it? What are the steps you must take to change it and how far along those steps are you?

Talk about it

Take that list and discuss it with someone outside of your circle of friends and family. Friends and family, in my experience, will support the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep the status quo. If you can, go and sit with a life coach and see what comes out of it. It might seem strange but I have found friends and family are comfortable with your elephant in the room because it does not impact them. When you remove the elephant in the room of your own life it means things change and they do not like that in most cases.

The process I follow

I do all of the above on a more regular basis than ever before. I respond to the elephants that I discover using my indivineur method. I do not try to change and overcome all my challenges by myself. I have had too many failures following that path. I co-create solutions with others in order to address the elephant in my life. With indivineurship, I use all the strengths and talents I have to co-create new and exciting businesses that generate income with very little risk so that my life can move forward and that I can live the life I always wanted to. You can too. Break free of the elephant in the room.

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