And to quote Biggie Smalls: Why many people avoid self-development

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The rapper Biggie Smalls a.k.a The Notorious B.I.G. drew my attention with specific lyrics, and thinking about it, it is one of the most critical factors in self-development as an individual, business owner and leader. It is also the reason many people are scared of self-development and growth.

He speaks about a rule of life

In his song “mo money, mo problems, he speaks about the fact that the more money you have, the more problems you experience in life. I cannot dispute that fact, because it is a rule of life and something that makes self-development and growth scary for many people.

Most imagery of riches portray and easy life, one where you drink expensive Champagne and fly in jets. That is a false picture.

You are rewarded for the size of problems you can solve

Your success as an individual, business owner or leader can be measured by the size of problems that you solve for a large amount of people. The bigger the problems you solve, the more you will be rewarded with money/power/influence/happiness/meaning etc. etc. But in order to solve big problems for others, you first have to be able to solve those big problems for yourself.

The challenge of an expanding life

Your life grows and expands as you solve ever bigger problems for an ever bigger group of people, but your life does not simply expand only in one area – finances. It will expand in all 7 areas of life simultaneously, because you grow as a leader and person, not just as a pillar, a single dimensional person. Adding to the panic of “mo money, mo problems”.

Success lies in acceptance

The success of your life as individual, business owner and leader lies in your acceptance that as you solve ever greater problems, you will be faced with ever greater challenges. Once you accept that fact, your mindset changes from victim of circumstance to captain of your destiny. Are you ready to accept more problems and get more money? This is the ticket to self-development and growth that leads to greater success in life.

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