A step-by-step process to become a social entrepreneur

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A social entrepreneur creates a business to address social problems or bring about a certain social change. But how do you become a social entrepreneur? Indivineurship provides a simple step-by-step process to become a social entrepreneur fast. Indivineur is applicable within a village in Africa, a community, a small business and even big corporates.

The social entrepreneur and collaboration

To become a social entrepreneur, you need to break through the traditional way of doing business. The traditional way where you provide a service and people buy it. The social entrepreneur has to collaborate with the community where he or she is trying to bring about that social change and do so through the platform of business. That is easier said than done. The reason is that first you have to share and collaborate and many people feel uncomfortable with that. Secondly, what you thought you wanted to do to bring about that social change might change completely once you collaborate with the community and many people are not prepared to do that.

Indivineur is a step-by-step collaboration guide to becoming a social entrepreneur

The indivineur method is a step-by-step guide on how to collaborate and bring about business solutions that will effect social change. Indivineur empowers individuals, the social entrepreneur as well as the community they are working with, and uses co-creation to find solutions to commonly shared challenges.

The indivineur approach reduces risk by creating a situation where you have a shared vision, a shared buy-in, a shared passion and also a shared risk. It helps the social entrepreneur to make use of all that they have available already, within themselves and the community, to address problems. They do not have to risk that which they do not have. Most social entrepreneurs think they need major funding, but the indivineur method shows them how to facilitate and action this social change using what they and the community have available now.


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