3 reasons you should NEVER ever start your own business

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Want to start your own business? Don’t! Never start your own business for the following three reasons. Avoid making the same mistake I have made myself and seen many others do. This coming from a man who teaches people to start their own businesses and take charge of their own economy.

You are amazing

I call this the skills trap. You are confusing a skill with the ability to run a business. You are an amazing baker, have friends over for dinner and they compliment you on your baked desert. They say you MUST start your own business and make lots and lots of money. The same goes for professionals who do an amazing job, then end up consulting because they are WELL SKILLED, only to fail very soon. Skills are important, but the management of the business is what applies and monetizes that skill you have. If you do not have the management framework within which that skill can be sold and grown, you will just work much harder than you did in your work and be your own boss. The worst boss to work for – they rarely, if ever give you time off. The indivineur method uses co-creation and brings many people together to run a business together so that you have more input and more varied management thinking.

People will run to me to buy this brilliant idea

I have had “brilliant” ideas before and most of those brilliant ideas lost me loads of money because I ASSUMED customers will want it and love it. The problem was that it was brilliant from my perspective and my experience. I never thought to see if other people (the market) experience the same problems that I do – the problems my brilliant products or service solves. I have lost my shirt this way. Indivineur has a systematic approach dealing with this so that you are sure that people at least have the problem your product solves and that you have ready buyers when you start producing it. The indivineur process aims to help you build the right product, at the right time and in the right way.

They do not see how this will make their lives amazing

You defend your product against “those idiots” who do not understand the brilliance of your product. This comes from my younger years when I thought I was the all-knowing brilliant business-boy (not man yet). When clients refused or rejected my product, I would take them on in a war of words why they are stupid and do not understand my product. I could not be wrong, in my mind. Even though defeat stared me in face, I would not admit it. Listen, learn and admit as quickly as possible if you are wrong. Indivineur helps you build your business ideas through data driven decision making, not decisions made upon hunches and assumptions, thus bringing down risk and saving you money.

This article was first published on my own blog and I feel it is important to share this message. I have met a lot of people who started businesses for these reasons and failed.

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